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We haven’t updated the old one while we were renovating it. A lot has happened in the meantime. We will post more information in the future, but here is a brief summary.

Deliveries of test facilities to the US and India have been completed and tests will be evaluated in 2019. A first prototype of our core component (the purification module) has been completed and is presently under evaluation. A project to utilize waste heat has been started with KTH and Stockholm Exergi (formerly Fortum) has started during the year. The Board of Directors has decided to issue a new share issue in January / February to finance the launch of our first commercial product – WaterApp. HVR has received funding from the EU to prepare an application for financing the market launch of WaterApp. In connection with this, the project received a so-called Seal of Excellence, which means that it is considered one of Europe’s leading future projects.