Water Worries?

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Dr. Nandita Basu from the University of Waterloo, Canada, reported her scientific findings about nitrates in all of our drinking water, which is directly linked to thyroid cancer, birth defects and even the infant blood disorder named Blue Baby Syndrome. The nitrates come from the nitrogen fertilizers used in commercial farming over the decades. When examining a variety of water basins from the central to south U.S., a minimum of ten inches to a maximum of three feet of this accumulated chemistry settles at the bottom of these waterways. If we immediately stopped using these disease causing chemicals, it would require a minimum of thirty years to diffuse their danger.

Flint, Michigan, and its notorious lead in the water scandal has provoked public awareness about the potential that multiple sources of H2O may contain. When reading the literature that is sparingly available, we should all be alarmed. Flint is an example of many towns, cities and villages worldwide.
Lead, of course, damages the brain and nervous system, but how about the other heavy metals — chemicals, poisonous organic matter and microbes that often call our drinking water their home? All of these killer compounds come from one industry or another—chemicals and heavy metals from manufacturing, organic compounds, excrement, viruses, bacteria and amoebas from animal factory farming ,etc.— and they all cause disease.
One water expert says Flint’s drinking water is no worse than tens of thousands of public sources globally.
In spite of a profound discovery nearly fifty years ago that the very chlorine that is added to public drinking water systems for the purpose of stopping the mass cross-contamination of bio- logical foes also leaches from the very pipes it runs through. Although there are regional differences, 22% of the pipes in the U.S. alone are more than fifty years old. On average, these pipes fail after 47 years of use.
Of course, European, Asian and other ancient settled parts of the globe endure much older infrastructures, causing even greater problems. Chloroform is another unintended consequence of using chlorine to kill infectious disease in our water systems. Natural organic compounds, when mixed with the chemical chlorine, creates cancer causing chloroform. It is assumed that all water that has this noxious element added to it raises the chance of consumers contracting one or more of a wide variety of malignancies.
(by Anna Maria Clement, PhD, LN)