HVR’s products make ultra pure drinking water. Its partner company Xzero uses a similar technology to make ultra pure water for the semiconductor industry where it is used to clean microchips.


Rather than removing contaminants from the water, HVR’s products extract water molecules from contaminated water. It only extracts water molecules and therefore will not contain any contaminants.

HVR’s products are developed to purify tap water or well water but if your tap water supply is lost, you can safely use water from a river, lake or pond, from a swimming pool or from the ocean.


HVR water will slowly flush out both healthy and unhealthy minerals through the kidneys. If you eat clean and basifying food and/or supplement with healthy minerals, your body burden will be reduced and the mineral balance of your body will be restored.

Acid water

Ultra pure water is slightly acidic because carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is dissolved into the water making it carbonated. We therefore recommend that you use basifying food or supplement with healthy minerals.


In every water pipe there are billions of bacteria and virus in layers of sediment and sludge!


Mineral water

Traditional health springs often had high contents of minerals in their waters. Whether the waters actually cured people or not is not clear, but it is clear that many people believe that minerals in water are beneficial to the body – at least some kinds of minerals.

Distilled water

Plants and animals thrive on rain. Also human beings have been drinking rain water from puddles, streams and lakes – for millions of years. Rain water is therefore what is natural for the body. Rain is distilled water from the oceans.

Well water

Some wells are very good, but many natural ground waters are polluted. Even natural minerals which have always been present in sea and most ground water, such as sodium, have been found to have negative consequences for health.

Tap water

Tap water varies in quality. At some places it is clear, taste- and odorless and at some places it is foul. However, in most circumstances it is chlorinated to kill bacteria and given an extra dose of chlorine to protect it from bacterial infection while it travels in the pipe.

“If you are going to purchase a water purifier… buy one that removes all pollutants and makes absolutely pure water.”