1973. The Swedish research company Scarab Development AB started development work in water technology. The main target was solar desalination.

1979. The first patent was approved. After that more than 20 international patents have been approved.

1980. An article was published in the EU magazine – The Courier – about Solar Desalination for Irrigation.

1990. HVR Water Purification AB was hived off to develop equipment for purification of drinking water.

Since then:
Dozens of research papers have been published.All types of contaminants have been tested. Hundreds of prototype test have been performed. Test units have been operated in Saudi-Arabia and Qatar and lab equipment are presently used by researchers in Australia, Italy and France.

2015-2020. A pilot has been in trouble free operation in Stockholm for six years.

2016-2020. Based on these experiences a design for the first commercial equipment for production of pure drinking water was started and will be completed during this period.


The aim is a daily supply of 2 – 4 litres of absolutely pure and healthy drinking water to everyone. The water will be supplied by local drinking water plants as a complement to the piped water supply.
The first demos will be installed in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Gambia in 2021. Full-scale commercial operations will start in 2022.


Carl-Henrik Arosenius, Member of the board; Aapo Sääsk, Chairman of the board; Jan Lundqvist, Member of the board


Aapo Sääsk, CEO

Daniel Woldemariam, CTO
PhD in Energy Technology


Jaime Camalich, PhD in Marine Sciences, Project Manager; Ershad Khan, PhD in Energy Technology, Scientific Expert; Madeleine Eriksson, Administrative Officer; Peter Nobel, MSc in Material Science, Project Manager; Ekansh Sharma, MSc in Environmental Engineering, Project Manager; Ulf Larsson-Flink, Human Resources


Imtisal-E-Noor, Doctoral Candidate, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Miriam Åslin, MSc in Biology, Xzero AB; Matilda Hedblom, MBA, Nextphase AB; Shorena Tsindeliani, MSc in Health Management; Natalia Gagliardi-Pettersson, Web Developer; Alaa Kullab, PhD in Energy Technology