HVR’s purpose is to provide absolutely pure drinking water at affordable cost.”

– Aapo Sääsk


HVR´s vision is that everyone should have access to locally produced absolutely clear, pure and healthy water at affordable prices. That is what HVR is all about.
Contact us if you want to install a reusable container that will produce the water.



The Government of The Gambia has asked HVR for a plan to supply the whole country with locally produced drinking water. This case is now being planned and will be implemented by HVR in 2021/2022. 



At the request from a mayor in Bangladesh, KTH is making a plan for a city to complement a planned piped water installation with locally produced drinking water. The plan will be implemented by HVR in 2021/2022.



At the request from a power plant operator in Indonesia, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden (KTH) has made a feasibility study for producing local drinking water for a major megacity. The study was positive and will be implemented by HVR in 2021/2022. 



In a school in India, two hundred children drank water contaminated with fluoride. HVR installed a drinking water facility powered by solar energy that makes about two litres of water per day for each child.

8 Important factors

HVR is all about 8 important factors that together will reach the 6 th goal of UN to secure access water and sanitation for all:


CLEAN water
CHEAP water
SUSTAINABLE production of water
LOCALLY produced water
FLEXIBLE production
SCALABLE production
REUSABLE bottles
CIRCULAR process


HVR have all the plans for it! HVR has already begun making a difference in the 4 cases listed above.

   HVR equipment used by UNICEF to turn sweat into drinking water.