Membrane Distillation

Membrane Distillation (MD) is a thermal separation process that distills water. In HVR's products, the primary component consists of a cassette holder with hydrophobic membranes, in which the water purification process takes place. The cassette holder is a plastic construction and a special technique is used to fit the membranes to the cassette holder.


Water to be purified is heated and circulates in the middle of the cassette between the two membranes. The other sides of the membranes are cold surfaces. The difference in vapor pressure between the hot and cold side forces the water molecules through and only these due to the membrane design. When the water molecules reach the cold side of the membranes, the molecules condense and the purified water runs down to a receptacle. The result is the absolute separation of all non-volatile substances.



The process takes place at ambient pressure and at temperatures between 60-90 °C, which facilitates reliability and durability.