Video showing how HVRs technology works.


HVRs water purification solution is called Elixir. The product is a unique cartridge-based application of Membrane Distillation (MD) for purification of water without expensive filter changes. Elixir can purify water even from heavily polluted sources, and can be integrated with heating and/or cooling equipment or function as a stand-alone unit. Elixir can be integrated with systems such as boilers, solar panels, air conditioning, etc. A module variant of the product can be designed for installation in kitchens.


There is an evident need of clean drinking water. Customer satisfaction is derived from the fact that the end consumer can obtain purified drinking water from the product solution in a reliable and cost effective manner. Elixir removes at least 99 percent of all impurities in the water and the product is unique on the market in terms of the degree of purification which can be obtained, while consuming negligible amounts of energy.


Typical pollutants in drinking water that are removed by Elixir


Key product benefits include