Cooperation with KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Team Members

Prof. Andrew Martin
Head, Division of Heat and Power Technology,
Interests: membrane distillation, polygeneration, biomass, solar energy
Ershad Ullah Khan
PhD Candidate
Interests: Combined heat and power technology, polygeneration, thermal power plants, hybrid renewable energy distributed system, water purification, and membrane distillation.
Daniel Minilu Woldemariam
PhD candidate
Research area: Membrane distillation process development for new industrial applications
Alaa Kullab
PhD, Researcher
Research interests: Water purification, water-energy nexus, solar energy
Uday Kumar N T Sr.
R&D Engineer, RAK Researchand Innovation Center, AURAK, UAE
PhD Candidate, KTH
Interests: Solar thermal desalination systems, polygeneration, membrane distillation, water and wastewater treatment



Department of Energy Technology